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5G in China

Recently, China has made a lot of effort in developing 5G technology. In September 2015, China and the European Union (EU) signed a key partnership on 5G during EU-China High Level Economic and Trade Dialogue in Beijing. According to this milestone agreement, China and the EU will strengthen cooperation in promoting 5G global standardisation and implementing joint research.

On a global scale, International Communication Union (ITU) has finalized “Vision” of the 5G mobile broadband connected society and their “IMT5050 and beyond” program sets to develop the global standardization for 5G. To stay ahead in the future communication market, companies are rushing to develop their 5G technology. The company whose technology occupies more shares in the final communication standard will have greater impact on the communication market. Intel, Ericsson, Samsung, Huawei and ZTE Corporation all showcased their 5G technology at Mobile World Congress 2016.

Back in 2013, Huawei announced that it will invest 600 million USD to research and develop 5G technology in the next 5 years. ZET Corporation, who won Global Mobile Award for its Pre5G Massive MIMO at MWC 2016, has also led 30% of research projects for the “IMT5050 and beyond” program. With all the effort, China is hoping to gain more right of discourse over the next generation global communication market.

For component suppliers, 5G will expand the market because it will use more bands and more radios in mobile devices. Most growth will be coming from higher-share cellular chip supplier as they can offer broad wireless components. However, whose technology will occupy more shares in the final 5G communication standardization is unknown at this moment.

As the leading independent component distributor, Advanced MP Technology is committed to keep up with the newest technology in the field to stay informed and to provide the best service to our customers.

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