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5G Technology Testing to Begin Next Year; China and Ericsson Target to Release by 2020

A development and testing centre was established in Qingdao. The total cost of the 5G study is 300 billion yuan or $54 billion.The three Chinese companies formed a joint venture with Ericsson to start the research and pilot test drone applications.

Luigi Gambardella, president of China-EU, an association aimed at intensifying business cooperation and investment in the telecom and hi-tech spheres, said that a Chinese-European partnership is important in developing the 5G technology.

“ICT(Information and Communications Technology) is a global industry and 5G is a promising area for international cooperation. I think the cooperation from the outset between China and Europe on 5G matters should be essential for the EU’s 5G strategy,” he said.

Gambardella said that the EU should align with China’s timetable for studying 5G technology.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that they will build a national 5G network solution verification and hold testing between 2016 and 2019.

China Telecom also announced that they are working with Huawei to study 5G. A similar partnership was done between China Mobile and ZTE Corporation. Gambardella thought that since China is already gearing up, then the EU should join in as well.

“Therefore, Europe should maintain privileged relations with Chinese partners and promote joint actions both in the field of research and in the trials. Further concrete joint initiatives should be put in place step by step, such as the first ‘Full 5G Cities’, that could be initially located in Europe and in China,” he said.

The association president also suggested that a joint China-EU 5G Fund should be formed to subsidise efforts to expand 5G network infrastructure.


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