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Australia’s three biggest carriers preparing for 5G

Australia has barely spent four years on utilising its 4G LTE services and yet its biggest carriers are now preparing for 5G, supposedly the next big thing in mobile phone network technology.

Telstra has repeatedly told the press last year that the company is doing its best to bring the very first commercial 1Gbps broadband service on the local market. In the early months of 2015 , Telstra partnered with its long-term equipment supplier, Ericsson, to distinguish 5G’s many unknown aspects and commercial potentials.  Telstra’s 5G switch is due in 2020.

“We’ve always been very aggressive in adopting new technology because it’s more efficient and we can show clearly it’s a lower cost to deliver more [data], customers get the latest technology and they get a better experience,” Mike Wright, Telstra network group managing director, told The Sydney Morning Herald in March.

A few months later, the company confirmed that it will deliver speeds of up to 10GB per second with lower power consumption in 2020, which would be initialised and completed by introducing upgrades on its existing 4G network.

Vodafone Hutchison Australia also confirmed that preparing for 5G Internet services would be among the company’s top priorities for 2016, along with improving customer service and customization mobile plans.

“We’ve spent a couple of years upgrading and improving our infrastructure. We haven’t stopped and the pace at which we continue to improve our network remains and the reason for that is because we’re already looking into 5G,” Vodafone chief executive Inaki Berroeta told Fairfax Media. He assured Vodafone’s loyal customers that they will have 5G by 2020.

Berroeta was a key entity in saving the country’s third biggest player from possible downfall in 2014 when a large percentage of its customers turned its back on the company after several network problems. His appointment as the new chief introduced many changes in the company such as better mobile data plans, cheaper bundles and better network connections. The company successfully rebounded and regained its loyal customers back later that year, putting the firm back to its position as one the country’s leading network carriers.

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