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Course Curriculum

Evolution of wireless Technologies 00:23:00
2G (GSM)
GSM Introduction 00:22:00
GSM Cells 00:18:00
GSM Architecture 00:21:00
GSM Hardware 00:24:00
GSM Frequency bands 00:20:00
GSM bands 2 00:20:00
GSM Channels 00:19:00
GSM handovers 00:20:00
SS7 1 00:19:00
GSM Surveys 00:18:00
GSM planning 00:18:00
GSM optimization 00:18:00
OMC 00:25:00
OMCR 00:27:00
Value Added Services (VAS) - IN and Data Services
Intelligent network 00:23:00
IN description 00:25:00
GPRS introduction 00:23:00
GPRS architecture 00:22:00
Architecture Description 00:26:00
EDGE 00:13:00
Coverage solutions 00:24:00
Transmission media 00:31:00
Wireless transmission & antennas 00:29:00
Multiplexing 00:31:00
Transmission technologies 00:23:00
TMN -1 00:29:00
TMN & SNMP 00:24:00
CDMA 00:28:00
CDMA architecture 00:33:00
CDMA channels & codes 00:32:00
CDMA PN codes & call flow 00:00:00
3G Fundamentals 00:00:16
3G planning 00:00:00
3G optimization 00:00:00
3G modes 00:22:00
3G RAN 00:27:00
3G CN 00:33:00
WCDMA concept 00:26:00
4G LTE introduction 00:22:00
LTE goals
4G LTE architecture 00:23:00
Radio link
RF model for LTE design
RAN architecture
eNB functions
EPS bearer
Evolved packet core
Modelling LTE network
Network description 00:26:00
Network interfaces
Component functionalities
Network description
4G LTE key points 00:22:00
LTE technical standards
MIMO technology
UE categories
Radio parameters
4G LTE frequency band 00:16:00
LTE frequency bands
LTE band allocation
Flexible bandwidth
Frequency band attributes
FDD modes
TDD modes
4G planning 00:16:00
4G optimization 00:22:00
5G introduction 00:00:00
Introduction to 5G Technology
SDN introduction 00:18:00
Virtualization 00:27:00
NFV introduction 00:19:00
IOT introduction 00:22:00
VAS 00:20:00
IP Addressing 00:26:00
IPv4 & IPv6 00:21:00
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