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Huawei Helps Turkey with 4.5G for Becoming the ICT Lead of Region

Huawei organized the 4.5G Industry Summit held in Istanbul on May 10, 2016, supported by the Ministry of Maritime, Transport and Communications, Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) of Turkey and Global mobile Suppliers Association.

The theme of this summit is “Booming 4.5G, Pioneering ICT Hub”. Over 300 people attended this summit, gathering interest and expertise from government organisations, industry associations, telecom operators, equipment providers, Internet enterprises, vertical industry players, and other industry chain parties. This unique opportunity created the platform and premise for in-depth discussions based on 4.5G evolution, industry development, and service applications.

By April 1 of this year, 4.5G networks are commercially deployed in over 80 cities throughout Turkey and have secured a position as the world’s largest commercial 4.5G network. 4.5G networks in Turkey are constructed based on the 4T4R technology and incorporate the use of a new active antenna unit (AAU) with peak data transfer rates exceeding 1Gbps to simultaneously provide VoLTE, high definition (HD) video, and Internet of Things (IoT) services.

“The rapid development of the telecom industry and software industry has enhanced ICT competitiveness and stimulated industrial transformation and upgrades to continuously change people’s lifestyle and communication modes.” Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan, Chairman of Turkey’s ICTA emphasized that Huawei solutions and products as well as support of R&D and technical support personnel over the past 40 days in Turkey have been immense. This specifically accounts for the increased number of 4.5G subscribers which rose by over 10 million. He was grateful for Huawei’s considerable contribution to Turkey’s ICT industry: “4.5G reaching area is developing rapidly. Today 9.6 million citizens are using 4.5G via 10.000 base stations actively. This is a success story hat using 9.6 million people 4.5G in 40 days. We are planning 4.5G’s future with telco operators and producer companies. The locomotive of this industry will be broadband internet technologies. This summit is also important in terms of developing the occasions of 5G at future. We are also happy for Huawei’s position and valuing Turkey as center of Central Asia and Caucasia. “

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