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list of mobile network operators of Chile

Movistar: Movistar is the major Spanish mobile phone operator owned by Telefónica S.A. operating in Spain and in many Latin American countries. It is the largest carrier in Spain with 22 million customers (cellphone services only) and 41.58% of market share.2 Its principal competitor in Latin America is América Móvil. It offers GSM 900/1800 MHz (Spain) 850/1900 MHz (America) (2G), UMTS900/2100 MHz (Spain) 850/900/1900/2100 MHz (America) (3G) HSDPA (3.5G) and LTE 2600 MHz (Spain) 1700/2600 MHz (America) (4G) services.The Movistar name has been in use in Spain since the launch of GSM services in 1995. The name became effective worldwide on April 5, 2005 after Telefónica Móviles purchased the BellSouth mobile operations branch in South America.After the purchase of O2 in 2005 by Telefónica S.A., the company announced that the O2 brand would continue to be used in the UK, Germany and Ireland (Rep.), as a separate branch with its own board and management structure. Eurotel in the Czech Republic was rebranded as Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, as opposed to Telefónica Móvistar.D-AMPS,GSM-1900 (GPRS, EDGE),850/1900 MHz UMTS, DC-HSPA+
2600 MHz LTE-FDD.

Entel: Entel (Acronym for Empresa Nacional de TELecomunicaciones) is the largest Chilean telecommunications company. To foreigners, Entel is best known for the 127 meter high Torre Entel (Entel Tower) that rises high above central Santiago and constitutes one of the city’s landmarks.As of December 2013 Entel PCS had 38.8% of the Chilean mobile market.It was the first American operator to launch a GSM mobile network in 1997. In 2000, the Entel PCS network offered support for GPRS and in 2003 it added EDGE support. GSM-1900 (GPRS, EDGE)
900/1900 MHz UMTS, HSDPA,DC-HSPA+,2600 MHz LTE-FDD.

Claro: Claro Americas is part of América Móvil, a Mexican telecom group serving clients in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama,Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay. The company’s name means “bright”, “clear” or “of course” in Portuguese and Spanish.CdmaOne,CDMA2000 1x, CDMA2000 EV-DO
GSM-1900 (GPRS),1900 MHz UMTS, HSPA+,2600 MHz LTE-FDD.

WOM: WOM S.A. conocida comercialmente por su marca comercial WOM, es una empresa de telecomunicaciones fundada en Chile, perteneciente al fondo de inversión británico Novator Partners LLP.iDEN 800 MHz,1700 MHz AWS, UMTS, HSDPA,LTE

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