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list of mobile network operators of Cuba

Empresa: Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba S.A. (English: Telecommunications Company of Cuba; ETECSA) is a government owned full telecommunications service provider for the island of Cuba.27% of the company was owned by Telecom Italia, until they sold their interest to Rafin SA in January 2011 for $706 million. The remainder is owned by the Ministry of Information and Communication. The services provided by ETECSA includes telephone, internet and wireless services. The company provides services to the public of Cuba, as well as the millions of tourists who vacation in the Republic of Cuba.On 25 September 2006, it was announced that the President, José Antonio Fernández, and the Vice Minister for information, Nelson Ferrer, had been fired by the new Minister Ramiro Valdés for failing to control the company.Starting on 4 June 2013 Cubans can sign up with ETECSA for public Internet access under the brand “Nauta” at 118 centers across the country. Juventud Rebelde, an official newspaper, said new areas of the Internet would gradually become available.The cost of Internet access is CUC$2.00 per hour (or CUC$0.60 for domestic intranet access and CUC$1.50 for email), which is still high in a country where state salaries average $20 CUC a month. GSM-850/900 (GPRS),2100 MHz UMTS.


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