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LTE technologies researched in Turkmenistan

The presentation took place at the opening ceremony of national mobile operator Altin Asir’s (TM Cell) large administrative office in Ashgabat LTE will be an evolutionary milestone for flexible migration of services between mobile networks 2G, 3G and 4G.3G network will effectively perform its task of delivering broadband services to billions of mobile users during a few more years.

“However, in developed countries LTE technology should soon become the accepted standard to meet customer needs in terms of speed and high capacity which will allow support of new applications, such as interactive television, professional and other services,” the state information service noted in the report.

LTE will be the main driving force of the innovation development covering the wide area from support of new versions of applications to new opportunities in such areas as utilities, transportation, healthcare, media.

Altin Asir mobile operator ,established in 2004, entered joined the World Association of mobile operators of GSM standard, where TM Cell mobile network, a national network of cellular communication of Turkmenistan, was registered under the number 438 02.According to the information service, today the number of their subscribers has reached over 3 million people.The report also noted that Turkmenistan will have its own national space communication system in the near future.

“Having our own satellite implies a control of Earth’s orbit, the establishment of satellite communications, and research related to outer space. It will also give a powerful impetus to the rapid development of the country’s communications systems and the Internet, television and other industries, will contribute to the successful implementation of a number of national programs,” the article stated.

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